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The rec room, the bachelor basement, the darkened den. A place to retreat, relax, play billiards, read magazines surreptitiously or just shoot the breeze with pals. The games room was once the domain of the man about the house. Dad’s domain. Kids keep out. No place for the wife. How times have changed.

The days of the dangerous dart board on the back of a cellar door are long gone. At MyLondonExtensions we are often asked to create the dream games room for imaginative home-owners. Once upon a time this just meant fitting tongue and grooved walls lined with optics, laying down some toe deep shag pile and making space for a bright blue pool table. Not any more.

A major difference between then and now is location. The geeky hobby or obscure pastime is no longer a guilty pleasure to be indulged in out of sight (those magazines aside).  Nowadays the games room is central to modern living. Yes, we can still develop amazing basement extensions for subterranean games activity but more often today the fun happens above ground.

Rear extensions are popular for games rooms, as are loft conversions. The latest tech is essential for these rooms, often linked up to a huge plasma screen so the traditional central TV hub is now doubling as the focal point for all gamer pursuits. With the largest screen, state of the art surround sound and Bluetooth command at the finger tips, all is on hand for the console kings to reign.

There is one other huge shift we cannot fail to mention. The man cave is no more mainly because the games world is no longer a male preserve. With some studies showing female games participation reaching 45% and rising, the aesthetic of the games room had to change. It is now more neutral so welcoming for the family as a whole. 

As well as the increased number of female players, we have also children playing with parents. Being seen and heard. These changes are central to what we create. The MyLondonExtensions games room: no more out of bounds, just more winning rounds.

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