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The space is running out. Futurologists project decades ahead when we will be seeking any opportunity to expand living space so our families can grow in a time of unaffordable property prices. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, this is one area ripe for expansion. Get ready for the rise of the pod.
Prefabricated pods will be springing up in gardens more rapidly than foxglove shoots. We’ll have extended family members dwelling at the foot of the back yard in lozenge shaped abodes that provide much needed extra living room. Is this a last resort? To lose valuable garden space as a result of family expansion could be an expensive price to pay. At MyLondonExtensions we wonder if the more imaginative planners, architects and builders can come up with a less drastic solution.
Not too far from us in south London is the Excalibur Estate in Lewisham. Built by POWs in 1945, it was initially a temporary solution to housing shortage in the capital but remained more or less intact until it’s demolition this year. Like those post-war years, today's London is also short of living space. Unlike Excalibur, the new pods rarely complement the homes they are part of. A super-cool capsule in the garden of a traditional semi is not everyone’s idea of progress.
The rear extensions, loft conversions and side return developments that we construct always complement your home; just as the Excalibur dwellings sat well within their south London surrounds.  As single room pods switch to complete modular homes as demand soars, this will be an issue for planners in future: the uniformity of a neighbourhood viewed from the front, contrasting with a myriad of modular designs at the back.
What will this off-the-shelf habitat shopping do for a neighbourhood’s aesthetic? A variety of tastes in neighbouring garden gnomes can be accommodated easily but huge pods and modular dwellings can be far more intrusive than a tiny green man sat on a toadstool with his fishing rod. The purchase of a pod may seem like a simple, ready made solution to space shortage but the home extension, although more time consuming can often be cheaper and in the long run, much easier on the eye.

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